Employee Benefits
  • Career Path
    Comprehensive promotion channels, Marching Power's "Panther Plan", dual channels for career development, academic qualification improvement projects and academic qualification improvement subsidies, provide talents with multi-channel and phased job certification systems, exceptional promotions for special talents, and promotion for job vacancies.
    Complete Training System
    Systematic training system, specialized knowledge training (including internal and external training), power semiconductor device expert guidance, industry gurus famous lectures, new employee talent training system (including rules and regulations, general knowledge, knowledge and skills) and domestic and international platforms for exchange opportunities.
  • Rich Incentive System
    A full range of promotion channels, the Marching  Power "Panther Plan", career development dual-channel, educational upgrading projects and educational upgrading subsidies, multi-channel and stage-by-stage job certification system for talents, promotion of special talents, and promotion of job vacancies.
    Rich Team Building Activities
    Irregular afternoon tea and snacks, rich team building activities, domestic travel, happy life and efficient work.
Talent Development
  • Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude
    Develop a talent development plan
  • Tutor To Teach
    Dual Tutor System
  • Job Rotation Practice
    Centralized rotational training with regular assessment
  • Training Customization
    Regularly organize business skills training and comprehensive quality training