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Return with honor! Jiangsu Marching Power Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd. Wins the "Most Innov

Time: 2023-07-27

Recently, the 2023 China Automotive Chip Conference and the General Conference of the China Automotive Chip Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance opened in Changzhou. The conference lasts for two days, and through the release of achievements, keynote speeches, supply and demand coordination, thematic discussions, investment attraction, enterprise visits, media interviews, and other links, it gathers the advantages of the upstream and downstream industries in the industrial chain, showcases the characteristics and development advantages of the local industry, explores the establishment of a new ecosystem for China's automotive chips, and strengthens independent, safe, controllable, and comprehensive and rapid development.

 At this meeting, Jiangsu Marching Power Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd. . participated in the car grade power chip project, and after layer by layer selection, won the "Most Innovative Car Chip Award" in the 2022 Automotive China Chip Innovation Competition.


Introduction to China Automotive Chip Innovation Alliance

Integrating the two major industries of automobiles and chips, more than 70 upstream and downstream industries were jointly established. On September 19, 2020, with the joint support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, the "China Automotive Chip Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance" (referred to as the "China Automotive Chip Innovation Alliance") was officially established, led by the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center (referred to as the "National Innovation Center") as a national common technology innovation platform, To accelerate the empowerment of China to become a global innovation and industrial highland for automotive chips.


 The alliance operates under the concept of "cross-border integration, symbiosis and win-win situation, industrial chain formation, and ecological alliance", aiming to establish an innovative ecosystem for China's automotive chip industry, break industry barriers, fill industry gaps, and achieve independent, safe, controllable, and comprehensive rapid development of China's automotive chip industry.

Enterprise Introduction 

Jiangsu Marching Power Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd. ., as a leading automotive electronic power chip development enterprise in China, has been committed to providing high-performance and reliable automotive electronic power chip solutions for new energy vehicles. Through continuous innovation and technological breakthroughs, the company has successfully launched multiple automotive electronic power chips with independent intellectual property rights, making important contributions to the development and intelligence process of China's automotive industry.

As an important member of the China Automotive Chip Industry Innovation Alliance, we have won high recognition from the review committee and industry experts with our outstanding technical strength and high-quality product quality.


 This award not only recognizes our company's development scale and industry position, but also fully recognizes our technological innovation ability and the enormous potential demonstrated as a high-speed growing enterprise. This will further stimulate our motivation in technology research and development, market expansion, and product innovation, prompting us to accelerate the pace of project advancement, which is of great significance for the future development of China's automotive chip industry.

The development of the semiconductor industry is hindered and has a long way to go. Now and in the future, we will carry the mission of "never moving forward on the long march, helping to achieve Chinese chips", and provide higher quality products and services to our customers, contributing to the intelligent and innovative development of China's automotive industry.